Bones for cats

Cats do love to get their teeth on some fresh meaty bones from time to time. It’s great for their health and development too. Here are some tips for feeding raw bones for cats:

  • Always feed raw bones for cats, never cooked. Cooked bones can splinter and cause harm or choking.
  • Good choices are raw Chicken Necks and Roo Tail Bones.
  • Bones are nature’s toothbrush and help support healthy gums and teeth.
  • Bones are an excellent source of calcium, antioxidants, minerals and proteins.
  • Raw bones must be suited to the size of the cat. The cat should not be able to put the entire bone in its mouth. Don’t go for overly large bones either as the cat may crack their teeth on them.
  • Supervision may be necessary when you give your cat a bone (and it’s essential for kittens).
  • The guideline is for 1-2 raw bones per week for an adult cat. Too many bones can cause constipation.