Kitten food

Kittens have different nutritional requirements to adult cats so make sure you feed your kitten food that is appropriate for their life stage. Kitten foods will contain higher levels of calories, fat and protein, all essential for their growing bodies.

Up until 6 months of age, kittens are growing rapidly and should be fed kitten food 3-4 times per day. From 6 months onwards you can begin to drop feeds until they are eating once or twice a day by 12 months of age. Kittens should stay on a specific kitten food until they are around 12 months old. At that stage be sure to review and reassess the type and quantity of food they are eating throughout the day to prevent them becoming overweight.

From the time your kitten is starting to get adult teeth (usually around 4-6 months) you can begin to introduce some raw meaty bones. Doing this helps alleviate symptoms of teething. Always supervise a kitten with a bone to be sure they don’t choke. Opt for bones that are bigger than their mouth and that have lots of meat on them.